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Whereas there is a balance to maintain between the economic role of the state and the importance of public health issues related to the online casino gambling Loto-Québec plans to offer all Quebec households;

Whereas there exists no credible and independent body responsible for the assessment of gambling activities from a public health perspective, for the funding of research, and for the implementation of protective measures;

Whereas the impacts of gambling in Quebec society are already important, and that no specific and comprehensive study has been undertaken on the dangers of online gambling;

The undersigned request that the National Assembly:

Suspend immediately Loto-Québec’s Internet (and phone) gambling project.

Create an independent agency, reporting to the National Assembly, composed mainly of community leaders, public health researchers and academics (with no links to Loto-Québec or its Foundation).

This organization, named the "Quebec Council for Safe Gambling (QCSG)”, would be responsible for coordinating all prevention efforts, studies, and research, and for proposing concrete measures to reduce the dangerousness of gambling opportunities on the population.

The initial mandate of the QCSG would be to organize a true and honest public debate on the appropriateness of Loto-Québec getting involved in online gambling and on the measures that could limit illegal online gambling.

Alain Dubois

Author: Alain Dubois

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